New Spring to grass-roots | everywhere new style, every new weather reporter’s eyes of the new changes in rural areas

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Weifang Daily Weifang Rong Media News spacious and clean cement road, clean and tidy home environment……During the Spring Festival, walk into Hengli Road village, Yangzi Street, Binhai District, everywhere is a new look, every family has a new atmosphere.Cement pavement hardening to the door, go out more convenient.”Last year, our village changed so much. In the past, the road was not easy to walk. As I was getting older and my legs were not good, I dared not go out when it rained.Speaking of the changes in the village, li Guiying said excitedly that she was happy with her heart.The train runs fast and depends entirely on the locomotive.The great changes in the village cannot leave a positive and enterprising party members, a united and promising village “two committees” team, but also cannot leave the village cadres and villagers united as one.”I didn’t expect secretary Xu Jiankai to do so much good for the village at such a young age.”Villager Xu Shouqiang feeling way, they now especially admire the village this group, young and capable, dare to rush dare to do.Village cadres visited households to collect public opinion.Last year, the village party branch, village committee change, not only the personnel team has grown, but also younger, the average age of the village “two committees” members 37 years old, “after 80 become the main force,” after 90 “on the stage.Under the leadership of Party branch Secretary Xu Jiankai, this young team has united as one, bravely shoulded heavy burdens, dared to think and do, and dared not to fear hardship and fatigue. They have marched forward on the big stage of rural revitalization and the main battlefield of reform.The people have called, and I have answered.After the new “two committees” team is in place, Henglilu Village will be the rural living environment remediation work as a breakthrough and starting point of rural revitalization, through cadres leading, party members demonstration, mass participation in the way of environmental health “battle”.Village cadres to visit warm people.”Ensure that every household sewage pipe is connected to the main sewage pipe, ensure that every household rainwater can be discharged from the yard, and ensure the quality of every alley and street.”This is xu Jiankai every day to emphasize the “three guarantees”, with everyone’s responsibility and drive, hengli Road village in sunny days, a muddy rain has become a history.At 5 every morning, the village cadres must arrived at the construction site, people see in the eye, and also take the initiative to cooperate with a hand, in all, under the concerted effort of last year, the village of investment of more than 1180 ten thousand yuan, completed the “promises” project and sewage renovation project, hardening of concrete pavement more than 92000 square meters, more than 23000 square meters, red brick sclerosisMore than 22,000 meters of sewage pipes were laid, greatly improving the living environment of villagers.”People from the street office often come to see if our toilet is working, ask if our house is warm, and if there is any difficulty. We are very content and satisfied.”Villager Zhang Yulan said to the reporter, now the village cadres are basically young people, the family has what matter along with the call, this year’s New Year’s Day more comfortable, the home is very warm during the day and night, cooking also need not be stoves, do New Year’s Eve dinner more convenient.Natural gas into villages and households, so that people warm winter.Speaking of natural gas heating, Zhang Yulan opened the conversation, “gas instead of coal” transformation, the government to subsidy 4600 yuan, the village committee bears 500 yuan per household, they only need to pay 1500 yuan per household, after the change, when you want to open when to open, temperature fast, clean and health.Last year, Henglilu village took the initiative to solicit the opinions of villagers and launched a clean heating project, which was installed in two months to ensure a “warm winter” for villagers.Today, 806 households in Henglilu have access to natural gas, leaving behind the days of cold winter mornings and smoky stoves.A good team, unity, still worry about no good days?At present, the annual collective income of Henglilu village is more than 14 million yuan, and the annual treatment of villagers is 4,000 yuan/person, the subsidy of endowment insurance is 3,000 yuan/person, and the subsidy of villagers’ benefit premium is all assumed by the collective. The annual subsidy of the elderly over 70 years old is 600 yuan/person, and the annual subsidy of the elderly over 80 years old is 1200 yuan/person…From year to year, what remains constant is people’s expectation of a better life.During the Spring Festival, the villagers’ parents talk about the changes in the village, now the good day, so that the villagers cherish.Living in this village, the villagers are happy and full of confidence and expectation for the Year of the Tiger.Weifang Daily all media reporter: Yu Fei/photo