Newly married woman got this disease, afraid of infertility!Afraid of surgery!TCM medicine based on syndrome differentiation saved her

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One day, I received a newly married woman, who was found to have endometrium thickness and uneven echocardiography in unit physical examination, and multiple polyps in endometrium were suggested by reexamination.The hospital suggested surgical resection. The patient was just married and had no children, so she was afraid of surgery, so she wanted conservative treatment.When the patient came to see a doctor, he was very anxious. As soon as he sat down, he eagerly asked, “Doctor, I just got married, how can I get polyps?Will it affect pregnancy?I’m still young, I haven’t had a baby yet, “and tears began to stream down…In the face of the patient’s anxiety, the patient was first soothed: “Although there were multiple endometrial polyps, the largest polyp was only 0.6cm, and there were no abnormal uterine bleeding, dyspenorrhea and other symptoms. The patient could be treated conservatively with Traditional Chinese medicine for 3 months and then re-examined with B-ultrasound.”The patient is obese, less qi and lazy movement, late menstruation, more and less time, loose stools, pale tongue white and greasy moss, thickened hypoglossal veins, heavy pulse string, syndrome differentiation is liver depression and spleen deficiency, phlegm dampness and stasis syndrome.Decoction xiaoyao Powder + Guizhi Tuckahoe pills added and reduced.The menstrual cycle was restored with the method of cycle adjustment, so that the endometrium fell off regularly.Patients were told to strengthen exercise, avoid fat, sweet, greasy and cold drinks, reduce weight, pay attention to health.The prescription was adjusted once a week, and after 3 months of treatment, the patient’s menstrual cycle was regular, one line per month. After 3 days of reexamination, the endometrial line was clear and no abnormal echo was seen, so the treatment was stopped.A year later, she was informed that she was pregnant, and the prenatal examination was normal.The treatment based on syndrome differentiation of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine has various treatment methods, few side effects and definite curative effect, and can reduce the adverse reactions caused by the use of western medicine. Small endometrial polyps or large polyps with atypical clinical symptoms can be treated with Traditional Chinese medicine.# # of traditional Chinese medicine