Raoyang small dike village the origin of the village name

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Small embankment village is located in the southwest of Raoyang county 14.5 kilometers, the ancient name of Luocheng, the original Raoyang town, later renamed Le Xiang is due to the name of The Yan general Le Yi.In the middle and late Period of the Warring States period, seven states fought for supremacy, wars broke out, and the people suffered from poverty.In 314 B. C., the state of Qi took advantage of the disagreement between the Kings, ministers, and generals of The State of Yan to attack Yan.After king Zhao of Yan, the son of the King of Yan, ascended the throne, he recruited scoundrels, carried out reform and strengthened his country.In 284 B. C., the State of Yan, led by Yue Yi, entered the northern part of The state of Qi and captured the capital of Qi, Linzi, and more than 70 cities in succession. Yue Yi made outstanding achievements in battle.However, because juyi and Jimo were easy to defend and difficult to attack, Le Yi failed to win a complete victory.In 279 BC, King Zhao of Yan died and his son, King Hui of Yantook the throne. The king of Qi used a plot to alienate Yue Yi, claiming that he had deliberately betrayed the state of Yan by refusing to attack Juyi and Jimo, in order to become king of Qi.Believing this, King Hui of Yan issued an edict to send Yue Yi back to China and another Yan general Qijiang to assume the military power.After taking office, the implementation of tyranny, cut off the nose of qi prisoners of war, dig the graves of Qi people, which triggered the resentment of the Army and the people of Qi, the army and the people shared the enemy, and vowed to fight to the death with yan Army.The king of Qi immediately ordered tian Dan, the general in charge of the army, to take 5,000 warriors with him and invade the enemy camp.When the Yan troops saw this, they broke into chaos and fled one after another.Tian Dan seized on the victory and the people of Qi organized themselves to block and kill the Troops of Yan. The army and the people worked together to recover the lost cities and destroy the state of Yan, ending the Qian-Yan War that lasted 35 years in the east.Yue Yi was removed from his post, repeatedly framed, helpless, fled to zhao’s Raoyang County Hutuo River city refuge.His family soon came to live with him.The state of Qi, like Yue Yi, abandoned the state and destroyed the state of Yan.Le Yi hutuo River crossing, heard the fleeing Yan people introduced the country has fallen, he was distraught, jumped into the river to commit suicide, the body was not found.In 21 BC, Liu Bang came to Handan, an ancient city of the State of Zhao. He remembered Le Yi, a famous general of the State of Yan, and set a special mission to find his descendants.After several twists and turns, he finally found Yue Yi’s grandson Yue Shu in Los Angeles, named Yue Yi and Yue Shu, and named Yue Shu Yue Xiang Hou.After changing the city of Los Angeles for Le Xiang County, Le Xiang County, including this raoyang south, shenzhou north.Lexiang County has lasted for more than 200 years.At the beginning of the Eastern Han Dynasty, yue Xiang county was withdrawn and incorporated into Raoyang.Since then, Le Xiang County became le Village, the name of the village has been used until the Ming Dynasty.Ming Yongle years, Hutuo River flooding, destroyed music village.The villagers moved to the North embankment to rebuild the new village, which was renamed “Small Embankment Village” because the village was located on the small north embankment running east-west.So Xiaoti village is long from east to west and narrow from north to south.