The God of wealth to the Fulinmen Yuantong Lincoln to welcome fortune

2022-07-30 0 By

The fifth day to meet the god of wealth good luck in the year of the tiger | wishing you met, 2022, “Lincoln bowed out, tiger spring;Vientiane new, from all walks of life jubilation “2022 we will, as always, adhering to the Lincoln way around your car as a service specialist let you feel very close to enjoy Lincoln’s experience of the Spring Festival, the gift of the god of wealth to, f [] Lin door nine major activities help you proud new hi time: 4-6 February 2022 invitation ceremony invitation to the store to send prosperous lunar New Year gift bag;Pre-deposit gift registration pay 199 yuan of intention to enjoy a 3000 yuan boutique voucher, booking a car at the age of a gift box;Raffle spot car booking participate in the lucky draw to win the luxury car booking gift;During the exclusive ceremony, booking pilots will enjoy luxurious treatment worth 57,000 YUAN;SUV gift order navigator enjoy 5 years of warranty +5 years of strong insurance +5 years of 10 basic maintenance +5 years of 0 down payment;You can buy the value of 26880 yuan with a discount on the car reservation;Recommended gifts to enjoy secondary basic routine maintenance;A cash subsidy of $10,000 for additional/replacement purchases during the programme, or 2% interest rate on the concessionary loan amount for replacement pilots;Financial gift can enjoy 5 years of extra long loan, to a low 0 down payment, or enjoy domestic SUV enjoy 12 periods of 0 interest rate;In the 2022 Spring Festival is approaching, hangzhou yuan tong Lincoln Center staff in advance to wish Lincoln owners and powerful, like a tiger, add “$” 2021, grateful for you thousand regards as home no matter where all have return yuan tong Lincoln go home together with you all the way forward let love activity time on February 4, 2022 to February 4, 2022