The Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued an annual report inquiry letter to *ST Mio (300795.SZ) asking for clarification of the authenticity of the buyer’s clue collection and sorting expenses

2022-07-30 0 By

Zhitong Financial APP learned that on April 1, shenzhen Stock Exchange sent a letter of inquiry to *ST Miao (300795.SZ) for its annual report.In the process of post-review of the company’s 2021 annual report and the reply to the inquiry letter disclosed on March 31, 2022, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange noticed that the reply showed that the gross profit margin of the company’s digital exhibition and other businesses was 61.86%, up 25.23 percentage points compared with 2020, mainly due to the substantial decrease in cost.Among them, the buyer’s clue collection and collation fee in 2021 is 364,700 yuan, down 17.245,900 yuan from 2020.The company said that it would launch digital exhibition products for the first time in 2020, purchase buyer clues data information of exhibition venues from foreign suppliers, and conduct data cleaning and sorting. After cleaning, this part of data was imported into the company’s platform, mainly used for digital matching between buyers and sellers of digital exhibitions.Shenzhen Stock Exchange requests *ST Mio to explain the authenticity of buyer’s clue collection and sorting expenses in combination with the aforementioned matters.This article is from Zhitong Financial network