The first week of school, the children did not have homework on the weekend, parents asked me how to do?

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Xiaoqing has been in school for a week. This is the message sent by the head teacher to parents on Friday. The content is about behavior and habits.That’s why parents are worried and ask this question.There is no homework on the weekend, when facing this problem, standing on the point of view of the child, the child’s heart should be happy.After all, no homework means you can relax.From the parents’ point of view, I think parents are not happy.There are many reasons for this. What does it mean to have no homework?From my own point of view, the recent teaching content may be a little little, there is no need to copy or fill in the content, and I do not want to interpret too much content, there is no homework, there is nothing to worry about, learning is not the same as relying on the teacher to assign homework to maintain.So at the beginning of the school, parents do not have to worry too much when their children do not have homework.The first week of school is an adjustment.There is no homework at school. What can you do at home?Just like the message from the teacher to parents, review what you have learned in the week first.The first week of school, the state of learning is not in the optimal state, so, what we have learned in front of us to review, or we will soon forget.Preview What to Learn next Week Preview a new lesson is an indispensable part of homework.Like xiaomin although the teacher did not assign weekend homework, but after her mother consulted, I still suggested that after doing a good job of review, it is necessary to carry out new lesson preview.New lesson preview can how to preview?1, simple preview read the text, read each Chinese character of the new lesson.Read English aloud, read each word, each sentence correctly.In math, look at your textbook and see if you can solve the “do it” exercises for the new lesson yourself.2, deep preview deep preview, basically is to achieve a complete learning of the whole new lesson.The general situation is that teaching videos or teaching exercises should be used together to achieve autonomous learning.For self-control and self-learning ability of children, it is recommended to do so.For poor self-control of the child, the general proposal to complete the review and general preview.Can do these two points, and then try to in-depth preview.Some parents give their children extra exercises each semester, which can come in handy when the teacher doesn’t assign homework for the weekend.But many times, parents just buy, but do not know how to supervise the children to complete these exercises, this is a particularly important family activities, after the completion of the children to help children to check the right and wrong, so that the overall learning effect of the child is useful.When the child does not have a variety of homework, as a parent, will you choose to let the child relax, or let the child has been immersed in the state of learning, keep the past attitude of serious learning?