Triangle Ping community, Yuetang District: “Sweep the building” to check the epidemic prevention and control line of rented houses

2022-07-30 0 By

Xiangtan Online March 29 – (Xiangtan Daily all media reporter Zheng Yizi) In March is to return to work to return to post sharply increased period, the floating population also increased accordingly.In order to strengthen the investigation and management of people from outside the city (returning) to the pond, in recent days, Yuetang District Dongping Street Triangle Ping community to carry out the “sweep” action, to further explore the rental housing “human housing” information, will continue to extend the control tentacleto lay a foundation for a comprehensive epidemic prevention and control work.Based on the grid management and prevention and control system, the triangle Ping community and the community police carried out a comprehensive carpet investigation of the rental houses in the area without blind spots.Visit process, the staff of the tenant, whether vaccination schedule, whether done nucleic acid detection, whether to have to deal with matters such as temporary residence permit to register for the record, trajectory registration flow in detail personal information and activities, and promote new crown epidemic situation and latest daily epidemic prevention considerations, remind people prepare daily epidemic prevention measures, reduce the disease spread risk.At the same time, enterprises and stores facing the street are required to scan the code, check the stock of epidemic prevention and control materials and daily disinfection.A total of 142 rented houses and 193 registered floating people were checked during the inspection. The basic information of the floating population and rented houses in the area was timely grasped, and all the floating people were confirmed to have been vaccinated, further strengthening the prevention and control wall of the epidemic.The copyright belongs to the original author, salute the original