Winter Olympics promote high quality development of the city!Shijingshan accelerated to build a new landmark of urban Renaissance

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Taking advantage of the great opportunity of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Shougang Park in Shijingshan has become an important symbol of the in-depth transformation of Beijing, radiating surging energy and new vitality.Shougang has become a “new landmark of urban renewal” and a model of high-quality urban development for the Winter Olympics, said Li Sen, director of the overall planning department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.Ioc President Thomas Bach has praised shijingshan Shougang Industrial Park for many times, saying that it will surely become a model for the Olympic Movement to promote urban development, and for the reuse and revitalization of world industrial heritage sites.With the arrival of boCOG, shougang Shijingshan Industrial Park will be transformed and upgraded to become a new landmark of the rejuvenation of the capital city in the new era, contributing a vivid case of sustainable and integrated development of the Olympics and the city for the History of the Olympic Games.Founded in 1919, Shougang is a large-scale enterprise group with cross-industry and transnational operation, mainly in the steel industry.In view of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and economic and social development needs, Shougang relocation adjustment.In 2016, the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee settled in Shougang Park.In 2018, Shougang Group signed a contract as the official city renewal service partner of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Taking the winter Olympics as an opportunity, Shougang grasped the strategic opportunity to build a new landmark for the rejuvenation of the capital city in the new era and closely combine the preparation for the Winter Olympics, organic renewal of the old industrial zone and green high-end development.Insist on reducing development, promote green intelligent new technologies, foster innovation and development of new kinetic energy and mining cultural development new connotation, constraint conditions to achieve large cultural Renaissance city downtown area, industrial recovery and ecological recovery, vigor revival, the overall shape reflects the high quality new times development, urban management advanced ideas and power capital, new landmark of cultural self-confidence.Cultural revival: The Shougang Industrial Park, where the Headquarters of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics is located, has undergone internal function transformation and spatial renewal while retaining the original industrial heritage.For example, the buildings used for iron making and storage materials have been transformed into modern offices, and the original coal cleaning workshop has been transformed into training venues for winter events such as short track speed skating, figure skating, curling and ice hockey (referred to as the “four ice”) and put into use.Shougang park also built the world’s first permanent ski jump platform.Industrial revival: New Shougang will undertake the task of promoting industrial revival.New energy unmanned vehicles will be promoted in the park, and various functional areas and green public Spaces will be connected by the featured aerial walkway transformed from the former industrial transmission corridor.In 2021, As one of the “two venues”, Shougang Park successfully hosted The China International Trade In Services Fair. While promoting the development of service trade industry, the reuse of old industrial facilities in Shougang Park became a vivid case of the fair.Ecological revival: Shougang Industrial Park is the first C40 positive climate model area in China, and has won a number of international built environment awards, becoming a model of urban ecological revival.Shougang district has integrated ecological construction into the big ecological circle and urban ecology in the west of Beijing, and implemented key ecological projects such as the water system connection project, which has achieved three achievements.First, the ecological quality of the Winter Olympics Square area was comprehensively improved by providing services for major events such as the Winter Olympics.Second, based on the comprehensive treatment and ecological restoration of Yongding River, a green ecological belt connecting lake, wetland and stream was constructed.The third is to build an ecological corridor connecting the protection and inheritance of industrial heritage resources in the main plant of Shougang, realizing the integration of industrial heritage and ecological landscape.Vitality revival: In order to restore vitality and vitality of Shougang Park, Shougang Group introduced fashion consumption, boutique sports experience, leisure entertainment and other business forms in the park to create a new space for consumption upgrading in Beijing.At the same time, the international talent community is also built in the park, so as to make Shougang Park into a livable and viable comprehensive community.Source: CCTV13 Shougang Park Shougang News Center Editor: Shijingshan Rong Media Center Korea