2.5 T ranking of development road: the pattern of the top four shooters has ended, and Miss Ma and Ma lead the crowd

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Hello everyone, I’m Dabao Bei.Happy New Year to you all, today we continue to bring you the first issue of the S26 season T ranking, compared to the last issue, the development of this issue has undergone a great change, and will no longer distinguish the middle and high sections.Before we know the ranking of development path T degree, let’s review the important adjustment of development path hero related to T degree recently, as follows: ① Sun Shangxiang a skill displacement, feel optimization, but strengthening the general attack damage is reduced.(2) Houyi’s two skills are connected to the general attack feel optimization, splash damage can cause 90% deceleration.③ New Max health stats for Grandmaster and Bloodblade.After the new version began, Ma Ke and Sun Shangxiang rose again, leading all the way.And this also means that the pattern of high subsection “four – legged stand” has been broken again.After the start of the new season, Son returned to his peak form, with his appearance rate reaching over 40% and his win rate above 50%.In the 1.18 official server update, sun shangxiang’s appearance rate dropped to 30% due to a drop in damage, and is now second only to Ma Ke.Q: Why does sun Shangxiang rise directly in this version?① Due to the adjustment at the beginning of the season, Sun Shangxiang’s hand feeling is optimized, and her ability to pass through thicker walls makes her mobility increase a lot.In addition, one skill can reset the cooldown of general attack, after strengthening general attack, there will be no “small steps”, the damage will be smoother, which will be a lot of help for group battle and online.② The current version is the key point after 10 minutes, this period of time is also in the strong period of Sun Shangxiang, if the early development is not limited, Longkeng, terrain group will easily take over the battlefield.③ Grandmaster’s Strength and Bloodblade both increase health, which also gives Sun shangxiang some survivability.Due to the ice Armor redesign, Marco was more comfortable with it, so his appearance rate spiked to 50%+ at the beginning of the season, and his disabled rate was up to 20%.However, due to the subsequent adjustment of the ice armor, it is no longer able to resist consumable damage, and the ice Armor Marco’s heat dissipated somewhat, and the appearance rate dropped back to 45%.However, it is worth mentioning that even with the adjustment of ice Armor, it still accounts for more appearances than Ominous and ice veins, becoming Marco’s core meat suit.Q: Didn’t the ice armor change?Do Marco players still choose it?① Although the ice armor has been adjusted, the instant stun effect of the active skill is suitable for Marco’s big move, and it is easy to turn the “perfect big move” when you find an opportunity to come into play with ice armor stun.PS: In addition, the combination of daze and purification makes it difficult for the other side to have too many ways to take Mark, which also improves the survival ability in a disguised way.Ice armor now has a controlled shield effect, which adds a lot of survivability to Mako.PS: Since Mako can easily gain control when he comes into play, the shield effect given by ice armor still ensures that mako will have a chance to exit when he fails.(3) However, the usage of Frost Shock has dropped from the third core item (including shoes) to a non-core item, which means that some Marco Polo players are now choosing to abandon this item in favor of Ice Scar grip or Ominous.PS: Dabai believes that the reason for the drop in usage is that frost blast can’t resist consumable abilities, so some players will stop using it, but it’s still worth paying for.These three heroes in the new season in all sections of the appearance rate has declined, a large part of the sun Shangxiang, Marco Polo.Among them, Li Yuanfang’s appearance rate is still declining, and is expected to fall below 10%.Aside from the tweaks, it’s also related to the change in the new version, which is now more in favor of the 10-minute tempo, so the priority of the two original heroes has been reduced.Hou Yi and Huang Zhong have made many adjustments in the last two seasons (Galo has not adjusted), but the data of the high section is still no change, and are in the range of relatively cold.And the reason for the cold is because the recent several versions are obviously close to the middle, this kind of big late hero is difficult to have too much opportunity to play, not to the strong period will be strangled in the cradle by the other side.And their own lack of displacement skills, but also more difficult to popular in this version of the high section, fault tolerance rate is too low, a little careless will be the other side of the fire to instantaneous.PS: The combination in the high section will be very good and will not give you much chance once it is played.In order to bring them back into the public eye, the enhancement is certainly necessary, but the enhancement of the numerical value is difficult to achieve the same balance between the high and low segments.And don’t just change their mechanics, that would just throw the balance out of whack and weaken them again.