Ann fat choose and employ persons or full of entanglements, in the face of greater Paris, lineup or failed to confirm!

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Ann fat choose and employ persons or full of entanglements, in the face of greater Paris, lineup or failed to confirm!According to gbagbo sports statistics: hazard looked good again for dozens of minutes, but remember, shortly after Hazard came on Asensio scored, the pitch became more open and the opposition chose to gamble more.Going up, like hazard’s break at the end, if it’s 0-0 and the defenders are completely on their feet, but at 0-1 the defenders have to stretch their feet.And before a rob, the foot of the ball broke down azar.As a wide player, space means a lot.Rodrigo did concede a few half goals, but was less threatening than Hazard throughout the game???Hazard does not say goal, when can shoot a goal ah???That’s why Rodrigo is the higher pick, because rodrigo is immature and inconsistent, but has a more direct impact on goal.According to Mr Gbagbo sports: bear play more eat, two years, add real Madrid training, rodrigo did it feel than bear spirit, the spirit play without a core body, more need to wise up, mind more clearly destined to more slowly, at this stage there is nothing wrong with substitute leveling, but then, look at his bright spots.As for Valverde, it is obvious that 82 was the one who injected life into the midfield. It is not too late for 82 to make an impact at the start of the second half, considering he just played in the World Cup qualifier. There is nothing wrong with the better looking camavanga in the first half.It’s just that Kamavinga is young and unstable.About weiqi is bad in all see, although this has picked up, but basically do not run, do not close down this kind of characteristics, how to play biba this kind of team?Adzharian midfield, according to Mr Gbagbo sports figures showed the ability of catching the ball and dribble, rodrigo is completely ratio not, azar also have the chance to direct shot away space, but he is more to do the ball and rodrigo more is shooting, this should be the coaching staff’s tactical arrangements, shooting times is not the sole criterion for judging role players,.Jovic is really a failure, he has no speed on the counter attack, at first glance I thought he was Isco, he hardly dribbles against the defence let alone passing people, and the most ridiculous thing is his goal]- his feet are too soft and he almost loses his basic hunting instinct as a post centre forward.The next game against Paris, ancelotti also needs to do a good job of the balance of the team, out of the strongest lineup.