Fertilizer nutrient detector arrange fertilization according to local conditions

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Production practice tells people, commonly used organic fertilizer, green fertilizer, fertilizer three main sources should plan as a whole arrangement, reasonable collocation.In the past, organic manure and some green manure were mainly used to provide nutrients and organic matter needed by ordinary crops, so as to cultivate soil fertility and improve soil.Since 60’s, chemical fertilizer industry develops rapidly, chemical fertilizer structure produces significant change, organic fertilizer and green fertilizer two fertilizer structure, become chemical fertilizer, green fertilizer, organic fertilizer three fertilizer structure.With the development of production, continuous adjustment and improvement, not only to adjust the three types of fertilizer sources, but also to carry out internal adjustment and reform of various fertilizer sources.In order to achieve reasonable supply and demand and economic benefits, all regions and production units need to establish their own fertilizer structure according to local soil conditions, climate conditions and crop layout, so as to arrange fertilization according to local conditions and improve the circulation of materials and energy.Fertilizer nutrient detector Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have unique functions and play an important role in agricultural development. Using fertilizer nutrient detector can help people apply fertilizer accurately.In the establishment adjustment and reform of fertilizer structure, fertilization should be skillfully arranged. In the fertilization of vegetable fields, the method of pouring human excrement or compost with water is often adopted. After fertilization of field crops such as rice, wheat and cotton, attention should be paid to watering and water should be used to adjust fertilizer, especially under severe drought conditions.Fertilizer structure problem is an important part of the scientific management of soil, soil testing of science, precise fertilization, is not only beneficial to improve crop yields, but also to promote the agricultural development, fertilizer nutrient detector is suitable for field measurement and test results are accurate, easy operation, reduce operator errors and the intensity of labor, light path test accurate positioning and ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.