Is the air fryer really safer than traditional frying?From these three aspects, each has its own advantages and disadvantages

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The air fryer, which is popular on the Internet, has been seen many times. Many friends have been “planted”.Air fryers can be praised for working well and rubbished for not working well.However, in terms of food, we pay more attention to safety than taste, not only to eat safety, but also to use safety is very important. We will briefly talk about whether air fryers are safe from the following aspects, you can choose according to your own situation.First, when using scalds often cook friends, must have been splashed hot oil hot to the experience, not only very painful, sometimes also leave scars.Because the boiling point of water and oil is different, when the water droplets in the hot oil, water temperature rising rapidly turned into water vapor, when water evaporates, it could cause vibration, splashing spray, and the temperature of the spray is too high, once the drops in the body can burn a person’s skin directly, very insecure, you must dry water when in use, to avoid scald.The air fryer works by heating the food through rapid convection of hot air inside the pan and drying the water on the surface of the food, resulting in a deep-fried texture and a larger area of heat.Because the air fryer needs to be completely locked when working, there is no need for manual operation during the working period, only need to reverse after the time, so we can avoid oil burns when using.Second, we usually have Fried ways of using oil content, need to add a lot of oil in the pan, if to oil can one-time Fried cooked food, need enough food oil, even in the process of Fried, there will be plenty of oil adsorption on food, so we will eat a lot of fat, not only is bad digestion, quantity of heat also is very high, if the oil temperature is too high when the Fried,It can also lead to the loss of nutrients in cooking oil and the conversion of unsaturated fatty acids into trans fatty acids, which is not good for our health.Using an air fryer, which usually requires little or no oil, is much less greasy than frying and is healthier to eat.However, since the air fryer only blow-dry the water on the surface, it will not taste as good as frying, which should be considered carefully if you are a more mouthy-conscious friend.Third, the risk of “cancer” we often say fried food is not healthy, mainly because fried food contains a large amount of trans-fatty acids, trans-fatty acids are very difficult to metabolize in the human body, and even affect the metabolism of other substances, which is very harmful to our health.And the unsaturated fatty acids in the repeatedly used oil can also polymerize into other toxic substances.We often say that fried food is carcinogenic because most of the fried food will contain acrylamide, by the international Cancer agency as a class 2A carcinogen.But is the air fryer really safe?The air fryer cancer story was reported in the media a few days ago, but it’s not the pan cancer, it’s the acrylamide as well.In fact, most foods contain starch, and when fried at more than 120 degrees Celsius, acrylamide is very easy to produce, so food from air fryers is not completely safe.