Just now, another win!

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Curling competition at the National Aquatics Center kicked off at the Ice Cube of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 2.China’s Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi got off to a great start by beating Pyeongchang Olympic silver medallists Peret And Rios of Switzerland 7-6 in extra play.Figure | face pyeongchang xinhua winter Olympic Games silver medal winner, young LingZhi/Fan Su round after the 90 started unstoppable.In the first three games, China’s tactics were very clear whether it was the back hand or the front hand. Ling Zhi, who took the middle three shots, and Fan Suyuan, who took the last shot, both scored one point in each of the three games to lead the opponent 3-0, until the opponent recovered two points in the fourth game.Back 4 bureau of the contest, Ling Zhi, Fan Su yuan still master the initiative on the field.Although Switzerland took advantage of China’s mistake in the sixth set to score three points in the single set to win the game 5-4, China regained the lead with two points in the seventh set and the eighth set was tied 6-6 and went into the extra game.In the end, the Chinese pair won the extra round, beating their opponents 7-6 to get off to a flying start.The victory was also the first for The Chinese delegation at the Beijing Winter Olympics.Figure |, the official Xinhua News Agency as the winter Olympics games most, longest project schedule and daily competition, curling mixed doubles can be called “the games are marathon”, before the opening ceremony began, until the end of the winter Olympics closing will all match.In the next 19 days, from February 2, 30 teams will play 147 matches at the curling arena. These teams will play the grand round robin, the semi-finals, the final and the bronze medal match.In the grand round, each team has to play against the other nine teams once, and the final four spots are determined by points.Gold MEDALS will be decided in mixed doubles on February 8.On February 9 and 10, the men’s and women’s fours began, and the champions were decided on February 19 and 20, respectively.As the host country, Curling did not develop for a long time. In 2000, the first curling team in China, Harbin City Curling Team, was established.By 2003, the first national team had been established in Beijing for less than 20 years.During this period, The Chinese curling team represented by Wang Bingyu won the bronze medal in the Vancouver Winter Olympics, achieving a breakthrough of zero MEDALS in the Olympic Games.But in the two Olympics since then, the Chinese team has failed to win a medal.Figure | xinhua pyeongchang after the Olympics, international gradually younger age structure, selection of the Ma Xiuyue, such as yu hon rookie burdened the national team.In addition to ling Zhi/Fan Suyuan of mixed doubles, China also sent men’s team athletes: Ma Xiuyue, Zou Qiang, Wang Zhiyu, Xu Jingtao and Jiang Dongxu;Women’s team players: Han Yu, Wang Rui, Dong Ziqi, Zhang Lijun, Jiang Xindi.Among them, only Jiang Xindi and Wang Rui have Olympic Games experience, the rest of the 10 are the first time to participate in the Olympic Games, the lack of competition experience is the weakness of this national team.It is worth mentioning that all the 12 curlers went through the Olympic trials held by the national team, and maintained good condition until the end of the trials.Ling Zhi and Fan Su Yuan, for example, both first-time Olympic athletes, topped the male and female Olympic trials success rates in the first two rounds.As a result, they have formed a new group with the status of the best in the country.In the end, Ling Zhi and Fan Su Yuan kept their good form until the end of the trials and got the only ticket for mixed doubles curling in the Winter Olympics.In the curling mixed doubles round robin just ended, Chinese pair Fan Suyuan and Ling Zhi beat Australian pair 6∶5, winning two consecutive victories!China will also play Sweden tonight.That’s great?↓↓ Source: Morning News, CCTV news client, @People’s Daily Responsible editor: Miss C Responsible review: Wangzhen News hotline: 0533-5355377 Advertising cooperation: 0533-3586597