LOL new hero Zeri strength exceeded, version T0 burst jinx?Player: Can’t play without cutting!

2022-07-31 0 By

For players, the steady stream of annual updates and rich content have kept LOL alive for more than a decade.In LOL recently launched two new hero “stay up bobby” eu ancient silk and zaun petard ze lido with players like the back of the opening of the former group properties and instantaneous second burst damage that a central AP location is unique, and the latter in launched immediately became the favorite, was voted the AD pro version T0 striker nowadays.Zeri, the hero, was even quickly developed by players to attack the special effects of the flow of gameplay, and soon became popular and had a very exaggerated win rate and performance in Hanbok and Chinese server.Especially in the arena, as long as it lasts until the late three-piece outfit takes shape, no AD can compare with Zeli, who has been a non-BAN required OP hero since the launch of the competition suit.Some players even said that The hero zeri has supermodel strength, completely crush other AD heroes.In terms of the output of the attack special effects out of zeli in equipment forming open big recruit, AOE damage is even stronger than Jinks, especially in today’s map resources are so important, Zeli in the small dragon, dragon terrain with E skills over the wall effect compared to Ephielius, Jinks this big core AD more flexible.With output and displacement, it’s no wonder that an AD hero is the best AD choice for the current version of the arena.Moreover, Zeli’s strength is not only reflected in professional games, but also in hanbok, where she is the strongest AD hero, ranking first in the winning rate of AD heroes, with an attendance rate as high as 13.12%.Faced with such an overop shooter, even LOL players can’t help Shouting to the designer: “You can’t play without sharpness!”What did the Internet think of it?Share your thoughts in the comments section below.