Qingzhou: the first day of school warm heart wish card bless children

2022-07-31 0 By

Qilu network · Lightning news February 16 – Today is the beginning of the new semester, in Qingzhou Experimental middle school, the middle school students received a special gift when they entered the school gate.At 7:30 in the morning, it is the peak time for students to return to school. At the south gate of Qingzhou Experimental Middle School, the teachers are already full of energy and enthusiasm.The students, who had been away from the campus for nearly a month, stepped into the school happily. Unlike the past, they were greeted by familiar teachers, friendly classmates and a big red envelope prepared for them by the school before the start of the semester. Inside the red envelope was a wish card.The students who received the red envelope were in groups, communicating with each other about the contents of the wish card in their red envelope, and they were very excited.”When I entered school today, I received a red envelope from my teacher. I was very surprised. When I opened the envelope, I found I had a heart-to – heart talk with the principal.Duan Junyu, a junior one, said.According to qingzhou experimental high school principal assistant WenLianJun wish card includes can let the teacher to accompany children to eat an egg tarts, can let the teacher eat dinner with your child, can let the principal and children for a long conversation, etc., the aim is to create a happy learning, the learning environment of a happy life.Lightning news reporter Zhou Mingxiu Qingzhou melting media Wang Quan Dong Jin Weifang report