Recruitment Brochure for Dongying Xuzhi Medical Technology Co., LTD

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In accordance with relevant provisions of labor Law of the People’s Republic of China and Labor Contract Law of the People’s Republic of China, we are now open to the public for recruitment.Details are as follows:Dongying Xuzhi Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary founded by Hunan Xuzhi Biology.In collaboration with national Engineering Research Center for Human Stem Cells, National Human Genome Research Center, Harvard Medical School, Kea Biology, Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Primary Health Care Foundation, Nanhua Biology, BGI and other top institutions.Xuzhi Biology core team has clinical medicine, immunology, molecular biology, public health and other related professional background, is a collection of academicians, doctoral, doctor, master as one of the high-level, high-quality, high-level technical team.Asechi biology focuses on the research and development and clinical application of stem cell and immune cell technology. The company takes the national health industry as the development direction, centering on the big health and medical industry, creating a “one core and two wings” development pattern with cell storage and preparation as the core and cell anti-tumor clinical research and development and health anti-aging as the two wings.In strict accordance with the EU GMP standards, Xuzhi Biological laboratory, with a sound cell production system and international leading technical services, at the same time in many places in China to share cell storage services, to provide people from prevention to treatment of the whole cycle of products and health management services.For the medical field researchers and medical workers to provide scientific research consulting services and clinical solutions from scientific research to clinical, Xuzhi biology to improve people’s health level, become the leader of the domestic health industry and strive to.2. Job Responsibilities: (1) Responsible for the implementation of the work arranged by the manager;(2) Assist the department to do other auxiliary services;(3) Coordinate with other departments.College degree or above, administration or related working experience is preferred;(2) Good communication skills and service awareness, with more than two years of assistant work experience is preferred;(3) Be organized, careful, serious, responsible and rigorous in work;(4) Proficient in computer operation and Office software, with basic network knowledge.4. Salary: RMB 4000-5000, negotiable.(2) technology research and development department (cells) 1, hiring: 2 2, job responsibilities: (1) responsible for lab daily management and environment maintenance, to formulate and implement work processes, work division of labor and related systems, to formulate and implement the duty system, organize the implementation of laboratory safety management of the core assets and maintenance work;(2) Responsible for the receipt, production, quality inspection and storage of biological samples;(3) Cooperate with provincial/municipal key laboratory, technology center, engineering center and other professional qualification application and intellectual property application;(4) Responsible for laboratory visit and explanation and safety management;(5) Responsible for routine training and work schedule of technical personnel;(6) Complete other work assigned by the company.1. Bachelor degree or above, major in bioengineering, biotechnology, medical laboratory, etc.(2) Master the basic knowledge of aseptic culture, basic knowledge of cell biology, cell culture-related operations and instrument use, and master the basic operations and instrument use of adherent and suspended cell culture;(3) Experience in cell culture technology or bioreactor operation, more than 1 year laminar flow laboratory work experience is preferred;(4) Have good professional ethics and strong professional dedication;(5) Have a sense of responsibility and good professional ethics, strong learning ability and team work ability.4. Remuneration: Basic salary 4500-5500 yuan + performanceExpected income: 8000-14,000 (III) Operation service Department (reception) 1. Recruitment: 2.(2) Responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the company’s exhibition hall, and formulate explanation content and publicity plan;(3) Responsible for internal and external business connection;(4) Complete other work assigned by the company.(1) Junior college degree or above, under 30 years old;(2) At least 2 years relevant working experience, or working experience in hotels, clubs, clubs, etc., or working experience in museums, exhibition halls, etc.;(3) Good image and temperament, height of not less than 165cm;(4) Excellent mandarin expression ability and office software application ability;(5) Excellent customer service awareness and cooperation awareness, cheerful, enthusiastic, patient.6. Remuneration: Basic operating salary is 3500-5500 yuan, negotiable.1. The company can provide dormitory for long-distance employees;2. Receive perfect training for new employees upon entry;3. During the probation period of 2-3 months, the salary shall be no less than 80% of the official salary, and the five insurances shall be paid;4. Regular employees shall pay five insurances and one housing fund, and some posts shall be provided with field subsidies;5. National holiday welfare;6. Regular staff group construction, etc.The company is located in Building 18, Optics Valley Future City, No. 336 Yunhe Road, Dongying Development Zone. The working environment is comfortable and warm. The office area is covered with air conditioning.This recruitment notice is valid for a long time. Please send your resume to (email title: name + position + telephone number).Contact: Mr. Zhang, Mr. Fu Tel: 1855467638813287364313 Email: