She was a Chinese traitors whose songs swept the country. She was acquitted before being shot with an object

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World War II has had the greatest impact and hurt on the world.As the saying goes, “every man is responsible for the rise and fall of the country.” At that time, many patriotic and enthusiastic young people eagerly joined the army. Those who could not join the army also made their contribution in other ways, such as donations, donations of goods, or harassment behind enemy lines.In short, everyone was indignant and wanted to do their part to drive away the invaders and protect the land under their feet.Our men and women are fighting on the battlefield, and there are men behind our backs.For example, traitors, do not protect their own country calculate, but choose to betray, forget the ancestors, to help the Japanese army mutilated their compatriots, really hateful.Of course, some people were “involuntarily”, in that era of war and chaos, can only temporarily protect themselves.Today we are going to talk about a special traitor, li Xianglan.Li Xianglan, formerly known as Shuko Yamaguchi, was born in Dengta, Liaoning Province.Compared to others, his home environment is very good.When he became an adult, he met a Soviet girl named Liuba on a train ride to Shenyang. They had the same interests and hobbies and were of the same age, so they soon became good friends who could not tell each other anything.Soon after, introduced by Lyuba, she began her singing career under the guidance of Bodoressov, an outstanding opera singer at that time.In 1938, because of its excellent appearance and sweet singing, it was harvested by the puppet Manchuria and began to be packaged as a tool to beautify Japanese aggression.In 1942, Li Xianglan arrived in Shanghai and began to emerge. With her beautiful appearance and beautiful singing, she gained many fans and became popular in China. She was named “Seven Queens of Shanghai Beach” with Bai Hong and Wu Yingyin.Among them, the most popular song is “Evening Primrose”, so much so that I can still hum the tune of this song.Li xianglan opened her solo concert in 1945, the same year Japan surrendered.Because Li Xianglan had in the past for the Japanese invasion of Beautification of the war, was a traitor, was sentenced to death.When preparing to be shot, she took out a certificate, which showed that she was a Japanese national certificate, is a Japanese identity, so it can not be said that she is a traitor, she was finally acquitted, set foot on the ship back home.As the People devastated by the Japanese army, to hear such news, of course, cannot accept, but she was involuntarily, coupled with the sincere attitude, most people still forgive her.She also made contributions to promoting friendly exchanges between China and Japan.In 2014, Li Xianglan died.