The new BMW X4 innovative style peer market leader

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The exterior design of the new BMW X4 incorporates new aesthetic elements into the classic SAC shape, combining a unique, dynamic silhouette with a clear, concise form to demonstrate strength and power, as well as modern luxury.On the whole, the new BMW X4 inherits BMW’s classic SAC shape. The elegant and dynamic outline of the two-door coupe connects naturally with the solid and powerful shoulder lines of THE X model, creating a unique aesthetic feeling.Larger dual kidney grille, streamlined hatchback styling, intelligent adaptive LED headlights and hexagonal daytime running lights, side shark gills and 20-inch wheels all make the overall appearance more youthful and sporty.The new L-shaped 3D suspended LED taillights are eye-catching with sharp edges and sharp angles, and the circular tailrow with a single side makes the rear of the new BMW X4 simple and unique with a strong style.The new BMW X4 comes with two personalized options: M Off-road suit and M Sport suit. Owners can also customize the new BMW X4 according to their personal preferences.The addition of the new BMW X4 Black Knight Limited Edition provides users with more personalized choices. The sapphire blue car paint and the unique black high-gloss intelligent drag reduction grille show the brave F knight.Style model, live up to the luxury reputation of the vehicle interior, new design and technology equipment comparable to executive luxury cars.The advanced interior with a clear design style shows the visual beauty without doubt. High-quality materials, precise workmanship and all kinds of carefully crafted details establish the personalized luxury characteristics of the new BMW X4.Simple sense is exquisite motion dermal steering wheel and the shift lever that has sport style likewise are delivering intense feeling temperament.The driver-centric layout ensures a reliable and fun-filled driving experience, with elevated sport seats providing clearer forward vision while improving comfort and support.Eight adjustable premium aromatherapy kits, 11 combinations of intelligent sensing atmosphere lights in six colors, and the same level of panoramic sunroof make the entire cabin of the new BMW X4 more pleasing and luxurious.At the same time, the new BMW X4 has a variety of seat materials and color combinations, providing customers with a wider range of choices, creating an exceptional driving experience.The driving excellence of the new BMW X4 is a fitting expression of the timeless essence of BMW’s brand.Equipped with a 2.0-litre Turbo engine and an 8-speed sport-hand transmission, the classic “golden combination” provides powerful power and can accelerate to 100km in 6.8 seconds, providing the driver with pure driving fun while achieving excellent fuel economy.The new BMW X4 is equipped with updated chassis technology, tuned and optimized to match the drive dynamics of the new BMW X4’s high-end and elegant body shape.Lighter, more direct steering offers a more agile steering experience in congested urban centres.Increased 20-inch wheels, 50:50 axle weight between front and rear, the same level of rear wheel base, variable sport steering system and BMW xDrive intelligent all-drive system work together for more precise, sporty and stable handling.In addition, the new BMW X4 also has excellent body passability, with 204mm ground clearance, 25.7° approach Angle and 22.6° departure Angle, which are among the best in the class, helping drivers cope with difficult road conditions and enjoy all-round driving.The new BMW X4 lightweight body is 50 kg lighter than its predecessor, making a significant contribution to excellent handling, safety and efficient power.The new BMW X4 has increased the proportion of aluminum alloy materials and the use of ultra-high strength steel, making the vehicle more rigid with a balanced balance of weight, providing better support during intense handling or curves, and providing stronger safety protection for passengers.The new BMW X4 is equipped with cutting-edge digital technology. The seventh generation BMW iDrive intelligent human-computer interaction system is equipped with a 10.25-inch central LCD touch screen to facilitate intuitive touch operation.Enhanced gesture control function and natural speech recognition, let the operation become arbitrary, new color head-up display system and highly intelligent enhanced driver assistance system are also available for customers to choose from.BMW connected Driving keeps the driver connected to the world, making driving fun and comfortable. Its rich infotainment features also help with personal travel planning.Wireless Wifi hotspots and wireless AppleCarPlay in the car ensure seamless connection with the digital life and the most innovative digital experience.At the same time, the new car is also equipped with BMW intelligent driving assistance system, such as active lane keeping system, active collision avoidance function and other advanced configurations to assist drivers to predict possible road hazards and avoid them in time, demonstrating intelligent and personalized travel modes in the future.The enhanced parking Assist system is a new feature that helps drivers choose and control parallel and vertical parking.