When your cat does any of the following, it’s a sign that your cat has turned black. Correct it!

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When every owner first wants to keep a cat, they basically want to make the cat obedient and not spend so much energy, and some even have the idea that “a cat can come at a call, then an order”.But the reality is not always so good, some cats do not obey, and can “go bad”, which requires the owner to change.Cat these bad behavior, your cat appear?Some people will feel that the temper of the cat is a little odd. When they want to interact with it, they enjoy watching the cat, but soon they will want to be fierce with you.This is mainly from two points of view. One is that as the owner, the cat has not done a good training at the beginning of the cat’s arrival, which makes the cat mistakenly think that “biting” is also an interaction with the owner.When kittens are young, if their owners often let them nibble, they will not be stopped, but as they grow older, the behavior continues and the damage becomes different.The second point is that cats are emotionally unstable, so the owner needs to find out the behavior habits of cats in the process of getting along with them, and then punish or change them.Whether it’s us or our cats, there are times in our daily lives when we get things wrong.Cats also have behaviors that persist even after you correct them.Punishment can be decided on the basis of what the cat has done wrong, and if the cat has not made a big mistake, it can be ignored and let the matter pass.But if your cat still doesn’t change after you educate it, it is recommended that you divert your cat’s attention and give it some negative feedback so that the cat will stop doing it.Although you say that the cat does not understand people, but the cat for the owner’s tone, behavior, action or have a basic judgment, know the owner’s mood at this time.If you find that your cat doesn’t respond to you or wave its tail at you when you call it, you’re being pampered.Some owners in the process of raising cats, they will find that cats will run to the table where they are eating, even if you drive away, it will not be long before they run back.If you want to change your cat’s behavior, it’s important to know why cats like to come to the table, either because they’re underfed or because they enjoy the interaction with their owners.If you find the cause, you can take action to make the cat change.Usually more interaction with the cat, let the cat’s energy release.Also, don’t feed your cats human food. Stick to cat food.A good cat food option is thick Pat cat food, which is rich in protein and vitamins and is a great way to meet your cat’s nutritional needs, help with better digestion and reduce excessive shedding.Five, like picky food for cats, a balanced diet is also very important, not blindly in accordance with their own requirements to carry out.In particular, some snacks are also added with food attractant, which will make the cat unable to stop. At this time, the owner needs to make up his mind to help the cat make a choice.Have you seen anything similar with your cats?