Yanggao County Public Security Bureau Spring Festival holiday to serve the masses non-stop

2022-07-31 0 By

Shanxi news dispatch (hai-jun fan: the correspondent Liu Xiaohua) under the rule of law according to the city bureau party committee about to carry out the “smile show image, service, improve efficiency” theme activities of the request, for the convenience of out-of-town home crowd to deal with all kinds of household register, id card business, during the Spring Festival attractions-and the public security bureau earnest practice of “people’s public security for the people” the solemn commitment, based on actual does the practical work for the people.On January 30, received the city bureau notice, Yanggao County public Security Bureau public security brigade quickly arranged deployment, after the nail nail group notice, and one by one call, must do a good job of returning to the masses of the service, let them feel the convenience of the hometown police warm heart service.On March 31, the household registration police forwarded the Spring Festival convenience service notice on their wechat groups and moments to further improve the awareness of the public.And early planning, launched the “four measures”, the comprehensive implementation of the household registration New Deal and measures to facilitate the people, and actively provide convenient, efficient, standard, quality services for the masses.During the Spring Festival, the comprehensive service hall and the registered office of each police station will work normally on February 4 (the fourth day of the first lunar month), to ensure the urgent needs of the masses during holidays.2. All units of household registration window carry out smile service, adhering to the promise of “let the masses run errands, optimize the service”, and implement one-time notification to the masses;Announce appointment and consultation telephone numbers in advance.Three, strict implementation of emergency handling, special special handling, appointment must be done system, the area of the elderly, widows and orphans, the masses with limited mobility take the initiative to collect photos;Special groups such as the disabled, pregnant women, children and migrant workers returning to their hometowns will be given priority in collecting and handling cards to meet the needs of the public during holidays.Iv. During the Spring Festival, all window units shall strengthen internal epidemic prevention and control management, do a good job in disseminating epidemic prevention and control knowledge to the working people, and at the same time do a good job in ventilation and disinfection of the office, so as to create a safe and warm environment for the working people.By 12 on February 4, Yanggao County public Security Bureau during the Spring Festival holiday, a total of 103 people for id cards, born on household registration 1 people, moved out of moving into 1 people, for temporary ID card 1 people, answer the masses of the scene consultation 59 person-times, telecom fraud explain propaganda 120 people.Editor in charge: Duan Zhijun