3-1!Best goal in the Premier League, Liverpool’s comeback in three minutes, salah’s milestone

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Liverpool VS Norwich on February 19 night, round 26 of the Premier League continues: Liverpool VS Norwich.In the first half, neither team scored.In the second half, Rahita scored, mane, Salah, dias scored.In the end, Liverpool beat Norwich 3-1.Liverpool are second in the Premier League table with 54 points, nine behind Manchester City.Therefore, against relegation-safe Norwich, the three points must be bagged.And this epicycle city, will meet spurs again, this is Liverpool chase points of good opportunity.In the first half, Liverpool squandered many scoring opportunities.Rahita broke the deadlock in the 47th minute of the second half.The 64 th minute, the horse inside volley.This ball can be selected as the best goal of this round of premier League.In the 67th minute, Salah got the ball in front to put Liverpool ahead.Within three minutes Liverpool had turned the tables.Dias scored his first goal for Liverpool in the 81st minute.Neither team scored again after that.Liverpool beat Norwich 3-1 to secure the three points.The last time Liverpool lost to Norwich was in 1994.So they continued their 28-year unbeaten streak.Liverpool currently have 57 points to City’s 63.Note: Although Manchester City and Tottenham did not play, the two sides have played the same number of matches.Liverpool still have a strong shot at the Premier League title.This service, Salah scored again.In doing so, he scored his 150th Liverpool goal.How good is Salah now?Apart from Mbappe, I’m afraid it will be him.At the moment, Salah is better than Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo – and that’s because of his age.Liverpool starters: 1- Allison, 12- Joe Gomez, 32- Matip, 4- van Dijk, 21- Tsimikas, 14- Henderson, 8- Naby Keita, 15- Chamberlain, 23- Luis Dias, 10- Mane, 11- Salahanovic:28 Gunn, 2 Aaron, 4 Ben Gibson, 5 Hanley, 21 Brandon Williams, 8 Guillermo, 16 Matthias Norman, 23 McLenne, 17 Rahita, 22 Puki, 24 Sargent