An emotional roller coaster at home?Listen to no. 600 expert

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Tired or stressed?Can’t sleep if you can’t get food?Can’t get out of the door and you’re about to lose your screen?Looking back at the online class is the baby, and more anxious……Morning Post · Zhouzhou Shanghai and Shanghai Mental Health Center have jointly opened the “600 Station” platform. If you have any psychological problems or troubles, you can leave a message. We will invite experts from “600” to sort out, analyze and answer them one on one.Q: RECENTLY, I have been at home. I have been checking weibo every day to follow all kinds of information about the epidemic. Some of the information has made me feel heavy and depressed, while others have made me feel angry.‍>>> Li Li, psychotherapist at Shanghai Mental Health Center, said: “Excessive attention to negative information related to the epidemic is very bad for us to keep a good attitude during the quarantine period.We can imagine what it would be like to live with nothing but bad news.You must see the world through your eyes and be filled with all kinds of negative energy.Gradually, we may even lose hope for the future, so we need to learn to “Say No” to negative information!Some friends know that reading all kinds of bad news will make them angry, sad or anxious, but they still choose to watch it involuntarily. This is just like you know that there are all kinds of viruses outside that may cause your infection, but you still don’t take proper protective measures and go out without wearing a mask.At this time, we need to put a “shield” on our eyes and brain to reduce exposure to negative information.For example, stop paying attention to these media or “we media”, which often spread negative information and cause panic. Reduce the time spent on mobile phones and electronic devices, and refuse to be bombarded with all kinds of worthless information.Instead, we can take the initiative to pay attention to the objective, positive and positive news. We can also find some interesting, valuable or helpful information in the information we see every day and forward it to ourselves and our friends.In the meantime, put your phone down and do something else that allows you to relax and be happy.For example, pour yourself a cup of fragrant coffee or tea, watch the spring scenery outside the window on the balcony, curl up in the sofa and read a favorite novel…By engaging in real-life fun, these actions can help us stay mentally and physically fit through our isolation.Morning News · Zhou Zhou APP reporter Pan Wen source: Morning News