Bohemian Chen Xiaochun, acting road is not so simple, with personality favored

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Chen Xiaochun has been working in TVB, has been a host before.Later Chen xiaochun’s acting career also began to have a new development, his first film, 9 PM 5.And Chen Xiaochun won the best supporting actor for this film.When he took the award on stage, everyone was expecting his acceptance speech, but Chen xiaochun’s very true temperament, think it is nothing special, but I am very grateful to the whole world.The most memorable image of Chen Xiaochun is brother Pheasant.His role in The young And Confused has become popular, and Pheasant has become a label for him.In daily life, Chen xiaochun often argued with paparazzi because of his short temper.And in the dog team under the random report, a lot of time to Chen Xiaochun and then shot the small mix as the same kind of people.And Chen Xiaochun’s fiery image, also was born at this time.Until later, Chen Xiaochun met Ying CAI er, in the marriage, Chen Xiaochun’s character slowly becomes smooth down, and he is bearing the heavy task of a family, so he also becomes mature and stable.Haven’t become a home before the Chen Xiaochun, one angry when can throw thing, perhaps be angry hit metope, but the Chen Xiaochun now, he is mature, when she is angry, can first calm down good oneself mood, and feel calculate.Before becoming an actor, Chen xiaochun was just an ordinary barbershop employee, cutting hair for others.But he wanted a way out, so when TVB started looking for dancers, he got in and danced with other singers in concert.At that time to find Zhang Xuerun ready to participate in the singing competition, in so many dancers, he liked Chen Xiaochun at a glance, feel That Chen Xiaochun is a particularly powerful person.Everyone is jumping in the same movement, but Chen Xiaochun has a special charm, he jumped very hard, and the movement is clean, it shows his personal character, very with ideas.So at that time Chen Xiaochun has the help of noble person, because he make public individual character got others love precisely.At that time, many artists wanted to take the hip-hop route, but some of them were not very similar in manner, so they could not successfully integrate into these routes, did not get the recognition of the audience, but Chen Xiaochun was born with such manner, and there is a sense of Bohemia.Chen Xiaochun is also particularly obedient, he felt that he did not have a very powerful acting, so, Chen Xiaochun’s growth is also rely on observation, watching other actors learn what the director asked him to do, he will follow what the director asked him to reflect him to reflect him.He won’t stop until everyone is satisfied.