Brother and sister join the battle against the epidemic

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Father and son soldiers, brother and sister to fight the epidemic.At the traffic inspection point for epidemic prevention and control in north Bozhou of Yanluo Expressway, there is a brother and sister. They are from different units, but they cooperate and support each other in epidemic prevention and control work to ensure the smooth progress of all work.”We’ve been spending a lot more time together lately than we used to.”Brother and sister said.In the afternoon of February 4, in yanluo Expressway bozhou north epidemic prevention and control traffic inspection point, the brother and sister are on duty, the elder brother is Guo Guangda, 58 years old, is the deputy director of the maritime center of the municipal Transport Bureau;Sister guo Jing, 47 years old, is the city traffic police detachment high-speed three brigade deputy chief.In this epidemic prevention and control, it happened to be divided into the same traffic inspection point.The officers on duty of Guo’s evaluation is that he is kind, easy to get along with, strong coordination ability.Therefore, The Municipal Transport Bureau arranged Guo Guangda to take charge of logistics support and coordination of the traffic inspection point for epidemic prevention and control in Yanluo Expressway bozhou North, communicating and coordinating with traffic, public security, traffic police, health and other departments to ensure the normal implementation of epidemic prevention and control.Rain need canopy, rest need shelter, eat need canteen……These seemingly minor matters, and are closely related to the work of the duty personnel, Guo Guangda all seriously handle, do the whole process of tracking, until the materials are put in place, the problem has been thoroughly solved, to ensure that the duty personnel can devote themselves to the work.In yanluo highway bozhou north epidemic prevention and control traffic inspection point, Guo Guangda can be said to be the highest attendance rate of people, “a day does not come to the inspection point, the heart always feel insecure, always worry about what less.””Guo is our unsung hero. Without him, we could not carry out the inspection work so smoothly.”City transportation bureau maritime center director, the traffic inspection point store manager Kong Fanyong praised Guo Said.”My name is Guo Jing, and martial arts novels in the guo Jing warrior’s name is exactly the same.”When introducing himself, Guo Jing said with a smile.Although she is a female traffic police, work can be said to be aggressive, see yanluo high speed bozhou north toll station exit ramp queuing vehicles, she quickly arranged police to increase inspection channels, easing the export traffic pressure.Maintain the traffic order at the inspection point, deal with emergencies, deal with traffic violations…As deputy battalion chief, Guo Jing will cooperate with inspection points to carry out epidemic prevention and control work at any time.In addition, she has to do their own work, lead a patrol, to ensure the area of highway traffic safety.According to the requirements of the work, the high speed three brigade every day and night to carry out a road patrol, each journey of 142 kilometers.”Each patrol takes nearly two hours.”It’s the Spring Festival and the traffic is heavy, so we must ensure smooth and orderly traffic on expressways, plus the prevention and control of the epidemic.”Guo jing said.Since the beginning of 2020, Guo Jing has participated in three times of epidemic prevention and control duty. Especially when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in 2020, she was not afraid of risks, fought day and night, and stood at the front line of epidemic prevention and control for 43 days. She was awarded the title of “The most Beautiful Female Public servant against COVID-19″ by the Municipal Women’s Federation.”Epidemic” road counterparts keep safe Guo And Guo Jing although are in the city to work, but because not in the same unit, usually meet the opportunity is not much.”Every year before The Spring Festival, we get together sometime, but this year we were all transferred to the inspection point, so it never happened.”Guo broad said regretfully.This Spring Festival, Guo Jing has a regret, not to accompany his son.Her son is studying in a university and only comes home in summer and winter vacations.Due to the busy work during the Spring Festival and the prevention and control of the epidemic, the mother and son spent less time together and spent more time apart, so they could not say a few words. Therefore, the son decided to go back to school to study in advance.”Tomorrow is the fifth day, we have made an appointment, even if no matter how busy also want to take time to have a meal, otherwise I will not see my nephew.”Guo Said, the good news is that he and his sister since their respective families, this year is the most they meet a year, from the beginning of January to now, almost every day to see, this is also a kind of “reunion”.”Whether in public or private, I will cooperate with my brother to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and work together to guard bozhou’s ‘North Gate’.”Guo Jing said, “separation” is only temporary, in order to better reunion later, they are willing to use their own hard pay for everyone’s health, so that the general public to live a safe Spring Festival.–End– Text: Wang Yuxia, Li Peng Editor: Xiao Lu Review: He Mengru review: Deng Chuangong