Calm cool: Enjoy snow and ice sports to welcome the opening of the Winter Olympics

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The continuous snowfall before the Spring Festival has made the ice and snow tourism in Pingliang city continue to heat up, setting off a nationwide upsurge of winter ice and snow sports.In recent days, many citizens have stepped out of their homes to participate in ice and snow sports to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Tiger and welcome the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics.Photo taken on Feb. 4, 2018 shows a 1,150-meter-long ski slope shining against the blue sky at haizhaigou Ski resort in Pingliang City.Many ice and snow sports fans run fast on the ski track with cool movements, and feel the happiness and passion brought by ice and snow sports in the ski resort covered with snow and ice.He Tianyue, 24, and a group of 13 classmates and friends came here to experience skiing.He tianyue said she started skiing five years ago, and although she fell a lot, the more she skied, the more interested she became.He Tianyue, pingliang snow sports fan, said, “I like exciting activities. When I ski, I feel like I’m flying against the wind.Today, I also came to ski, as a snow and ice lover, I hope that through my own practical actions, let everyone participate in the snow and ice sports, wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success, wish China’s Olympic athletes to compete the standard, the style of competition, win glory for the country.”On the piste, the reporter saw a little girl at home long accompanied by also played the skiing, I saw her alone from the piste smooth down, skilled action.The child’s mother told reporters that her name is Chen Yuehua, only 7 years old this year, today is her first time to learn to ski, after a few falls, she slid down alone.Pingliang children Chen Yuehua: “Cheer for the Olympic athletes big brother big sister.”Reporter Li Zongchang: “New Year walk grassroots, winter Olympics meet Chinese year.I am now in Haizhaigou ski resort. Today is February 4th, the fourth day of the Chinese New Year. The Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open tonight.Behind me, you are cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympics by participating in ice and snow sports, and now we are putting on our gear to experience them.”The sound | ski instructor Han Bing: drop in the center of gravity to front, especially to note that start with a low center of gravity to the body center of gravity not up…Under the guidance of coach Han Bing, the reporter stood on skis, picked up ski poles, experience a skiing movement.In the ski resort, a group of children like low-flying swallows, under the guidance of the coach quickly from the top of the ski slide down, enjoy the pleasure of snow sports.Many snow and ice sports enthusiasts also experience the fun of skiing under the guidance of the coach, we soon mastered the technical essentials.Sound field | ski instructor: very good!Very good!Come on!Slow down…Haizhaigou ski resort is 30 kilometers away from pingliang city, is the majority of ice and snow sports enthusiasts the best ski card.Kong Haijun, manager of Haizhaigou Ski Resort in Pingliang city: “We receive about 500 to 1,000 tourists every day.With the approaching of the Winter Olympics, tourists’ enthusiasm for ice and snow is increasing, and the number of tourists will increase around the 15th day of the first lunar month, estimated to exceed 1,000 people.Tonight, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games will open, ON behalf of all the staff of Haizhaigou Ski Resort, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympic Games a complete success, wish the Motherland Olympic athletes achieve good results.”Yang Gongqing, director of industry Department of Pingliang Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, told reporters that in order to implement general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instruction spirit of “ice and snow is also gold and silver mountains”, implement the “Opinions on vigorously developing ice and snow Sports by taking the Opportunity of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics”, and promote the development of ice and snow tourism,Culture and tourism to determine the “ice and snow of Beijing, the city of the games” fine line 10 lines to the national snow and ice tourism products lines, pingliang kongdong area sea village ditch resort, gather tianchi four seasons international ski landing, “dream weavers ice company games”, the national snow and ice ice and snow tourist hotspot tourism products lines, let more family involved in the ice and snow sports,The “cold resources” of snow and ice will be transformed into “hot resources” of tourism, and snow and ice sports will become “hot economy” of the New Year of the Tiger.Source: Pingliang Radio and Television Station