How can we control the hand

2022-08-01 0 By

Someone asked me yesterday how do I hold my hand?Here are four things to do, especially number four: 1. Fear of missing out.Modern capital market has created countless opportunities for smart people. If they miss this one, new opportunities will soon appear. As long as they have money, opportunities will never be finished.The market is the ATM of the wise, but also the grave of the wise. If you try to seize every opportunity, you will lose everything.2. Experienced hunters don’t fire their guns very often.If you make the wrong duvet, you’ll still be working on new opportunities, not only losing money, but missing out on the next opportunity to make money.3, A share market only 20% of the time in the rise, 80% of the time in shock or down, waiting is the normal.After reading the above three tube can not stop, then cut it.