Intended to identify publicity!Tongling 7 companies on the list!

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On February 18, Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce issued a public announcement to identify 130 enterprises as anhui time-honored enterprises tongling 7 companies on the list!2021 Anhui Time-honored brand publicity list publicity full text according to the “Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce on the organization of anhui time-honored brand identification and related management work notice” (Anhui Commercial Office circulation letter (2021) 391), after the enterprise declaration, the municipal commercial departments of the first review, the provincial department of experts to organize review,130 enterprises, including Hefei Qinghua Shengjia Garment Co., LTD., are to be recognized as time-honored enterprises of Anhui province, and are hereby publicized (see appendix for details).The publicity period is from February 18, 2022 to February 24, 2022. If you have any objection during the publicity period, please report to The Department of Commerce of Anhui Province, and sign your real name, contact address and telephone number.Contact person: Lin Xinyu, Circulation Department (Tel: 0551-63540050;Email: Party Committee: Luo Yang (tel: 0551-63540103;Email: Anhui Provincial Department of Commerce February 18, 2022 Source: Zhongan Online editor: Zhang Lingling Review: Fang Chao Final review: Ji Xueming –END– Tongling Education and Sports Bureau issued an important notice!Open recruitment!Free from now on!