Officer xuan!SUNS make major signing, Harden questions Nash’s hiring, nunn’s new trade plan

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Grant has officially presented his hand to the Pistons, and the two sides have had in-depth discussions about a possible future with the Pistons, according to NBA reporter Jake Fisher.It is understood that Grant is open to the topic, saying that if he can get a $100 million contract, then he is willing to stay for the long term.But need to mention is that we can’t meet this condition, grant’s agent will provide a list of the pistons need to refer to the player’s personal will, the grant to a proper team, the current of news is that, compared with several veteran of the Los Angeles lakers, grant more willing to join the king, eagles, such a young team.That’s all about grant’s trade. Three more pieces of NBA-related news: official announcement!SUNS sign big deal, Harden questions Nash’s hiring, nunn’s new trade plan (3 for 1).First up, the SUNS, who were outgunned by the Warriors early in the season, have improved to a league-leading 37-9 under 36-year-old guard Chris Paul.Those of you who have been watching the SUNS for a long time know that James Jones is responsible for the team’s continued strong performance last season.As the SUNS general manager, Jones in the last offseason to finalize a number of contract extension work, as much as possible to retain the core lineup, although there is still a certain uncertainty in the renewal of Ayton, but this does not affect the SUNS owner of Jones’s ability to work.Today early morning, sources from the sun’s official, Jones with the team for signing a new contract for many years, the new general manager of the year in the NBA will remain in the original post work, without the personage inside course of study, the signing for the sun is so important, if can use this summer a salary of $25 million contract keep edgerton,Then Jones is a god in the industry.Then there are the Nets, many of whom are wondering why the Sixers are willing to trade Ben Simmons for Harden.In a TBR report, we found the answer.According to sources, James harden with Steve Nash appeared a subtle change, the relationship between two people in the nets line-up rotation have serious differences, harden believes the team should insist on using a lineup, Nash felt should be according to the state of face, and then decide which players can have more playing time,Harden himself has been unhappy with the erratic hiring strategy.In addition, due to injury, the nets are facing plus Carey – Owen’s part-time player identity, lead to harden is very concerned about their health, want to know this summer, harden are eligible to become a free agent, to win a super paid more than $200 million, for him, once this time node is injured, the consequences,So in addition to being unhappy with Nash’s employment, Harden also hopes the Nets can solve irving’s “part-time” problem as soon as possible.Finally, the Lakers, according to ESPN, are not going to trade starting point guard Russell Westbrook, despite being locked out by Frank Vogel in the clutch.Instead of pressuring the front office after the locker room alarm sounded, Lakers star lebron James and Rob Pelinka reached out to Westbrook privately, hoping to help him out through constant verbal communication.From NBA reporter Chris Fedor follow-up reports, temporarily do not intend to deal less of the lakers has decided to focus on to other players, this season due to injury of long-term absence kendrick nunn as potential trade bait, the lakers had to negotiate a deal, a specific chip for nunn + holden – tucker + 2027 in the first round of sign,But so far, the plan has not received much attention in the free market.In order to get a deal done quickly, the Lakers adjusted their trade chips and succeeded in getting the Cavaliers interested.The Lakers are reportedly trying to acquire Chedi Osman from the Cavs with nunn, Trevor Ariza and a second-round pick.It’s clear that nunn’s 3-for-1 trade was a solution to the lakers’ lack of forward time, as neither Bazemore nor Trevor ariza could help James get more rest up front, which is one of the reasons Vogel was forced to switch to a five-small lineup.The Cavs, on the other hand, traded a wing in Osman for a veteran, dual-guard and a second-round pick as compensation.Do you think the lakers should trade Nunn?Feel free to leave a comment below and thank you for reading and following.