Spring is coming, do not sigh

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“Source: | ping the language ID: dypyuwen” ping – education of Chinese reading | | | life artistic original 〡 ping ping starting 〡 ping Chinese spring is here don’t have a little sad in the world all the departure is for the joyous reunion next spring is coming, do a heart aged people, supercilious, does not envy, does not dispute settle themselves, to grow.Life is your own, don’t live for others to see, also don’t watch others live.Spring is coming, the year of the tiger, you are your own king, do not rely on heaven do not rely on, a person also want to be like a team.New Year new journey, on the road, your courage is your luck.Spring is here, no longer full of friends, but more sunshine. Get along with one plant, give each succulent a name, and watch the fruit tree next door blossom.Spring is coming, so focus on the little things, such as making tea, arranging flowers, writing, feeding the cat, washing vegetables and making soup.The longest little happiness is hidden in ordinary days.Spring has come, miss the past less, look far away more, lock the lamenting sigh into the drawer, open the window, let the sweet spring breeze a wisp blowing into the heart.The more beautiful the heart, the more beautiful the future.Spring is coming, and the snow and ice are melting. The earth is so big that you can plant everything. You can plant anything you want.Please be good and kind, because you reap what you sow.Spring has come, ideal or some, want to do things do not wait.The spring breeze is magnificent, you also want to open up, look at the peach blossom willow green, everything is new, new mileage new atmosphere.Spring is coming, good time should not live up to, do a person who is determined to move forward, ask the future is better to start at once.A journey of a thousand miles, walk on the right, go wherever is in the poem painting.Spring is coming, wash your heart, don’t sigh for life, don’t worry about the future.As long as you still believe, love, look forward to and pursue, all good things will be like the mighty spring breeze.Spring is coming, please prepare your smile and happy time to say goodbye to snow and ice hometown.Do not have a sad, all the parting of the world, are for the next happy reunion.Version 〡 right 〡 sound 〡 Ming Ping teacher original works, shall not be reproduced without authorization, infringement will be prosecuted!