Taiyuan ancient town and Taiyuan Fangte were selected as the first 15 provincial-level night culture, tourism and consumption agglomeration areas in Shanxi Province

2022-08-01 0 By

On April 1, the list of the first provincial-level night culture and tourism consumption cluster areas in Shanxi was confirmed. Taiyuan Ancient County and Taiyuan Fangte, affiliated to Taiyuan Longcheng Cultural Tourism, were selected together with Zhonglou Street in Yingze District of Taiyuan city.Is located in taiyuan YangQu county party Oriental god, since opened its door on July 23, 2021, it continues to delay the business status, and lasts until the end of nearly 22 points in summers, attracting tourists to visit YangQu and consumption “mainstay”, in “night economy”, on the building of taiyuan group, at the same time of extended opening hours, innovation activities of the subject matter,It organically combines the happy culture of splendid Taiyuan and Fangte to create light show, drone show, fireworks show, etc. Through various night themed activities, tourists can extend the visiting time in the park, increase the consumption in the park, and improve the economic benefits.Night performance has not only become the engine to drive the development of Fangte, but also become a new driving force to drive the development of the surrounding economy, better driving the development of the surrounding catering and accommodation industry, putting the concept of “open, modern, dynamic and fashionable” into practice, enriching the night economy of Yangqu, and realizing the double harvest of economic and social benefits.As an important link of jinyang Lake night economy and holiday economy belt, Taiyuan ancient county town ADAPTS to the trend of night economy development and focuses on creating a number of night tour projects relying on the traditional culture of Taiyuan ancient county town.Taiyuan in addition to the ancient buildings night view lighting lighting within the ancient county seat, is also the introduction of popular light light show, multimedia digital art, etc., through the combination of sound and light taiyuan high-tech means to reflect the ancient county profound historical culture and the traditional excellent culture content, visual shock at the same time to form a better tourists to experience and impression.In addition, the city planning has two high-end Wang Qiongfu, JinXi garden hotel buildings and several different places with shanxi architecture features of the home stay facility in order to satisfy the demands of different groups of accommodation, liuzhou text brigade will continue to improve the quality of scenic areas within the hotel accommodation, catering services, to the reasonable control of area traffic, ensure that the quality of the tourists in the scenic accommodation and service experience.In recent years, with the diversified development of tourism, night tour economy has become one of the hot keywords in tourism industry.Taiyuan city to build a vigil system, makes the night economy, carry out various forms of cultural tourism activities at night, make night tour landmarks, upgrade the night tour business circle, cultivating text brigade at night life circle and so on, further stimulate the culture and tourism consumption potential, constantly enhance the drive the leading role of the agglomeration, the culture and tourism economy development promotes the night.