The Mercedes Benz bought for 200,000 yuan turned out to be an “accident car”. The owner: the original price was 300,000 yuan, and the repair cost was 270,000 yuan

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The price of a used car is much cheaper than the price of a new car. A luxury car with an original price of more than 300,000 yuan can be bought for only 200,000 yuan.However, there are many hidden dangers in used cars, and if you don’t have a proper appraisal when buying a car, you can easily buy an accident car.Mr. Xie in Changsha bought a second-hand Mercedes Benz in a local second-hand car shop. After going to the 4S shop to test it, he found that the car turned out to be a serious accident.Mr. Xie and his wife had been looking to buy a mobility scooter, and when they went to a car shop to look at it, they found the Mercedes was a good model.Sales staff told Mr. Xie, this boutique car, there has been no major traffic accidents, there has been no bubble water and fire.The only downside was a bruise with a tricycle and a few repairs to the paint and lights.Mr. Xie was very satisfied with the condition of the car and bought it for 200,000 yuan.After driving the car for a year, Xie planned to sell it for a new one, but the results of the 4S shop surprised him.The repairman in the 4S shop called up the maintenance record of the car, which showed that it was an accident, and the maintenance cost of the car was particularly high.The original market price of the Mercedes was more than 300,000 yuan, but the repair cost was 270,000 yuan. The test results showed that there were 27 items of repair, and there were also water bubbles.The result was completely different from the promise of the sales staff before, and Mr. Xie felt cheated.The replacement price of the serious accident car is different from that of the boutique car. The replacement price of the accident car is cheaper than that of the boutique car.If Mr. Xie takes this car to exchange with 4S shop, the other party can only offer 140,000 or 150,000 at most, which is a loss of 50,000 or 60,000 when he bought his car.Mr. Xie could not accept the loss of 50 to 60 thousand yuan after only one year of operation.He took the test results of the 4S shop to find the boss of the car, asking the car to give their compensation.However, the other party’s attitude is very strong, and said that this matter is not to discuss, and then closed the door to thank the guests.In order to get back a fair, Mr. Xie can only seek help from the media.In the face of reporters, the boss of the car shop said, Mr. Xie lift the car is also with repairmen and colleagues, they are in the shop to finish the car to drive away.If there was something wrong with the vehicle, why didn’t you bring it up at the time?Now the car opened a year, who knows at that time sales with Mr. Xie is how commitment, oneself how should give him compensation?But Mr Xie believes that no matter who he was taking to inspect the car is likely to be wrong, the car as a seller, should do their duty to inform.Since this car had a major accident, it should have been told before it was sold, not sold as a boutique car.If there was nothing wrong with the car, he would not have come to the car shop for compensation.After negotiation, the boss said he could recycle the car at the market price of 150,000 yuan.But Mr. Xie did not want to, and after more than half an hour of communication, the car shop finally took back the car at a price higher than the market price.It is still common in the used-car market for the car to be sold as a boutique.Because many people do not know how to identify whether the car has been an accident, only look at the surface of the color, so often cheated.If you do not know how to identify a car, it is recommended to find a 4S shop to investigate the maintenance record of the vehicle when buying a car. Through the maintenance record, you can clearly know where the vehicle has problems.