Thousand yuan new choice, honor X30 power cell phone

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Smart phone can be said to have been an indispensable electronic product in people’s life, its comprehensive functions and some people have completely replaced it with the daily use of computers, cameras, game consoles, e-books, TV series, music players, etc.Fully integrated into people’s lives, the development of smart phones today is also relatively fast, high refresh, speed up charging and increase the size of the screen, so that the user experience is more wonderful.Honor launched a successor phone to the X20 last year, called the Honor X30.This phone still uses Magic UI5.0 and carries 6nm Snapdragon processor, which still maintains the effect of daily smooth operation. The machine is equipped with 8G+265G configuration, which is completely sufficient for ordinary users.Honor X30 supports super 66W fast charging, which can charge 81% in 30 minutes using the original charging head provided by the manufacturer.Now mobile phone manufacturers also directly attached to a transparent phone case is also standard configuration, but still no headphones, is not a pity.Honor X30 titanium empty silver, dawn gold, magic sea blue, magic night black four colors can choose, the author of this blue is also very like a match color.The whole back of the package is good, although it is not glass or metal back cover, but still very comfortable.The grip is just right, and the 6.81-inch ultra-narrow bezel screen looks comfortable.Honor X30 doesn’t have any button interface on the left side.In the middle of the bottom is the Type-C data charging port, on the right is the speaker, and on the left is the SIM card slot.To maximize screen coverage, the handset has been designed to sit at the top of the phone, so it still looks good and there’s nothing wrong with making and receiving calls.Slim and light body design, there is no burden in the hands and pockets.While the Honor X30 doesn’t have an under-screen fingerprint, it has a side-power and fingerprint design.In the post-epidemic situation, fingerprint is faster and more efficient even though face recognition is not very convenient due to wearing masks.The Snapdragon 695 chip supports dual-card 5G, and supports three-network 5G. The SIM card slot with double-sided design is small and does not occupy extra space. Moreover, it is the two mature network standards of NSA and SA at present, which makes the use of 5G network stable and clear.The Honor X30 supports super fast charging with up to 66W, and the 4800mAh battery can be fully charged in less than an hour.The efficiency of charging is so high that ordinary heavy users do not have to worry about running out of battery.However, it is necessary to use the honor’s own charging head to achieve the maximum speed of 66W fast charging, general third-party quick charging head can also achieve about 30W charging efficiency, plus honor X30 good power management, battery life is fully enough for a day’s use.In terms of the mobile phone system, it still uses the deeply customized Magic UI5.0 kernel, which is android 11 version. It is used to Huawei EMUI or Hongmeng system, and it is very fast to get started with Magic.The system has been relatively mature, and the optimization is relatively good and very smooth.Honor also guarantees that the mobile phone can still be smooth without delay after three years of use. The average aging rate is about 3.8%, which can give users a long-term fluency.The Honor X30 screen has a 6.81-inch bezel that only has very narrow margins on the three sides of the console, with the bottom looking slightly wider.The screen ratio reached 94%, giving users an excellent video experience.Watching videos, playing games and reading are all better immersive experiences.The honor X30 supports a maximum screen refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, and a low blue light and low radiation e-book mode, in addition to the dark color mode now available on mobile phones.In this mode, the display changes to a black and white display similar to that of a Kindle, which is better for reading comics and text, and it doesn’t have the low-refresh effect of an electronic ink screen.Compared with the color screen in the general mode, the e-book mode allows users to calm down and read by controlling the color temperature, brightness and gray level of the screen. In terms of resources, the built-in reading App also provides many free books and comics.The high refresh and smooth screen can make reading comics, twittering and so on a reading enjoyment.At the same time can also browse the web, read the news and so on to have some different experience.A 16-megapixel camera on the front and a 48-megapixel main camera on the back, together with a macro lens and a depth of field lens, make up the rear ring.Although the maximum aperture is only 48 million F1.8, its shooting ability is still very capable for a thousand yuan machine.Judging from several sets of shooting samples, the honor X30 simple automatic shooting mode can get good photos under good light.All the photos are straight out, only the size of the picture has been changed.In the use of these days, although there is no good weather, but the piece for thousands of yuan machine or more satisfied.The Honor X30’s main camera is pretty awesome in terms of color and automatic white balance. Basically, you don’t need to set anything up. You just need to find the object you want to photograph and press the quick door button.The mobile phone also provides a variety of filters, dual-view video mode to bring more fun mobile photography.And most users, for thousands of yuan machine requirements is to record the usual things to see, honor X30 has been fully competent.On the gaming side, the Honor X30 is powered by Snapdragon 695 plus Adreno 619, as well as an opt-in extension that makes it easy to play big games.Peace Elite, King of Glory, or The Original god, etc., all run smoothly.For the large screen thousand yuan mobile phone, can smoothly play large games or relatively cool.The mid-hole camera is not very impressive in terms of game control, and the overall control is smooth.The loading speed of the game has also been significantly improved with the use of operational expansion.It can also intelligently control the survival rate of the background App, and the App will not be stuck without seamless switching.Advantages: Good appearance and high recognition, round rear mirror module is practical and beautiful, ultra-narrow edge and high refresh rate screen, great immersion experience.The overall smoothness of the mobile phone is high.66W super fast charging and 4800mAh battery capacity, you can easily bid farewell to power shortage.Snapdragon 5G chip supports smooth network and clear calls.Unique e-book mode, reading comic books to protect eyes from blue light.Cons: The Snapdragon 695 chip is a bit less interesting, and the camera lacks a wide-angle lens.The plastic sense of the machine is relatively strong, and the electrostatic is easy to absorb dust in winter.